Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”

Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”, as well as rural tourist households, is one outdoor and indoor museum.

It dates from the early 20th century, as a typical rural household from Uzice, with old houses and garden such as farm, sheds, dairy, well…

EthnoPark “Terzica Avlija” is a winner of the highest awards in the field of rural tourism – “Tourist Flower 2008”, to contribute to the development of tourism in Serbia as the most successful rural tourist household in Serbia, awarded by National Tourism Organization of Serbia, the World Tourism Day. In 2008. “Terzica Avlija” was nominated for “Best of Serbia”, according to the proposal of Ministry of trade and Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Ethno park projects are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of RS, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo, an international organization CARE International and USAID.

In “Terzica Avlija” is the center of Ethno Association “Zavicaj”.

Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija” consists of:

Beside the museum part and the accommodation and restaurant, organized groups in ethno park offers the possibility of organizing lunches, presentations of old crafts pottery, the visits to potter’s households and Potpecka cave, marked hiking paths, mini-concerts of world folklore association “Zavicaj”, an exhibition of  traditional costumes, organizing small seminars and the like.

Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija” is open for visits throughout the year.

Office Hours in Ethno Park:

  • 8-22 hours (May, June, July, August)
  • 8-21 hours (September, October, March, April)
  • 8-20 hours (November, December, January, February)



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