Why and when to come to Zlakusa?

Why and when to come to Zlakusa?

In Zlakusa should come in the spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter … Because Zlakusa is a village that has a soul and color, history and future, tradition and youth …

In the spring of the most beautiful village I, when nature wakes up from hibernation, when the first spring start work in the fields of valuable residents, where untouched nature is beginning to green, flowers, smells, when a traditional Easter concert Ethno Homeland Association in Terzica avilija, when the Columns pupils’ excursions, mountain societies and other organized tourist groups visiting the village shine Terzica avlija and Potpećka cave in early spring that opens the door for a visit. The end of spring and the start of summer are marked by a raspberry and blackberry then, so it’s nice and then come and attend the picking of fruit plantations which is proud of almost every household in the village.

The beginning of summer and the summer tourist season in the village opens festival in the original creation Zlakusa song and dance, traditionally the beginning of July, and international voluntary eco-camp. Summer is nice to come and spend the holiday in the countryside, away from the big city crowds, enjoy the charms of the villages of Uzice, Uzice and local food specialties, hospitality of local residents or cool the purest river in Western Serbia – Rzav, near the village. Then place the international colony of ceramics in which take part, many artists from all continents and the month and the famous Trumpet Festival in Guca, so the village could hear every brass band that is preparing to compete in the biggest competition of its kind in Europe. In the summer there are many paragliders, and not often in the village is held in a precise landing on the goal of paragliding considering that the highest points of the village are arranged for starting of paragliding. Village spreading the smell of cut grass, can be met in order people who are cutting it with the song or go back to the mowing.

Beginning of autumn in the village is celebrating another big event, The Autumn in Zlakusa, within it fair pottery, when the poople can buy these famous pottery i products cheaper than usual or try different foods prepared in these pots. Rural landscapes are slowly getting a golden colour, villagers collect the fruit of the autumn fields and orchards. These are the best months for the arrival of artists – painters, photographers, and all lovers of nature, clean air, mountain climbers, cyclists … It’s time to marry, and can often hear a song, dance, pleasure, trumpeters … In the autumn, starting and glory to which all the Serbs, and the inhabitants Zlakusa, proud and remarkable in the world. There are also traditional manufacturing jobs around the famous Uzice ham, bacon, and dried meat scrap and more interesting burning brandy, which is particularly marked in each house.

In winter, under a lot of snow, the village looks like fairy-tale, unreal, pure white … Rural roads are full of children rushing to the sled uphill and faster downhill down to the squeal, buzz and openly pleasure and joy of happines caused by the snow. New Year’s Eve in the village is also increasingly popular and the village is pretty much guests. On Christmas day from early morning hear echoes of an ax in the woods because then cut each hosted Christmas Eve for your house, when each Traditional Christmas Eve mark a shot and its adoption into the house. And at Christmas, we can ride through the village on horse-drawn cart, drawn, with the trumpet and a song. Terzica avlija in the traditional New Year’s Eve in front of Serbian maintain and fracture. It’s nice to watch the children compete in creating the largest Snowman, which in recent years also become traditional.
Therefore, you should come to Zlakusa in all four seasons!