Implementation of youth and women from rural villages in the rural and tourist development of villages

Implementation of young women

The project of the implementation of young women from the countryside in to the rural and tourist development of villages was conducted in several phases, with the first phase implemented during 2010/2011 and the second phase in 2012. Partners in the project were Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija” and Ethno association “Zavicaj”.

In the first phase (2010/2011) support for the project was provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the National Employment Agency, the National Museum Uzice and U.S. Embassy. Through the first phase of implementation of women in rural development processes by being trained in making traditional costumes of Uzice region based on original pieces of old costumes (over 100 years old) from the collections of the National Museum in Uzice, the Ethnographic Museum in Beograd and Ethno Park ” Terzica Avlija “. After the training, women with the help of other members of the Department of old crafts of the Ethno Association “Zavicaj” have produced a large number of replica costumes from which it was issued an unique folk costumes catalog of Uzice region, with the help of which the same can and studied ​​– in the catalog there also can be found professional text on costumes of Uzice region. Besides the costumes of Uzice area, the female members of Association began to make costumes from other parts of Serbia for many folklore associations throughout Serbia and the Diaspora, which ensures the viability of the project. Also, the same member presents these costumes to organized tour groups.

In the second phase (2012) women from village were included in project of making pottery, pots and planters for arranging the memorial park “Gallows” and the bridge on the river Djetinja, pottery and tableware exhibition and equipment of pottery demonstration center, too. The potters women today are doing promotions and presentations of old pottery craft for organized tourist groups in Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”. The second phase of the project was supported by the U.S. Embassy, ​​the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the RS and the National Employment Service. The results of  second phase are this site, brochure “POTTERY IN ZLAKUSA FROM THE OLD CRAFT TO ART”, as well as a numerous activities that have contributed to the promotion of village in the spirit of ancient pottery crafts – art colony “PAINT A POT” and a round table discussion on the possibilities of pottery crafts during the event “Autumn in Zlakusa-Pottery fest”, personal post stamps issue and commemorative envelopes on three centuries of pottery in Zlakuse, and a permanent exhibition on the same theme in pottery educational and demonstration center in Etno Park “ Terzica Avlija”. One product of this phase of the project is the souvenir – painted pottery (pots and saucers) in which concept are also involved women from the village, starting from earthenware pots and plates, to the very end (painting them) as it was done at the art colony that was held as part of this project. Youth was included in both phases of this project, through organizing international voluntary eco-camps, which was done to raise their environmental awareness and volunteer spirit according to the principles of voluntarism in the United States that was observed during the study visits in this country…