A non-profit private citizen association established to cherish culture, tradition, customs, old crafts, music and folklore and to pass on the skills in the domain to new generations, to perform these skills on stage, to develop the village through the promotion of rural tourism and to protect environment.

It was set up in Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”, where it is based, in 2005, and has a membership of over 200, active in several sections:

  • children’s folklore section (a children’s and youth folk dance troupe, a mixed singing group, vocal soloists and instrumentalists, a school of folklore)
  • senior folklore section (an authentic veteran folk dance group, a mixed singing group, a trumpet band)
  • old crafts section (pottery/weaving/folk costume making clubs)
  • ecology section (climbing and environmental clubs)
  • literature and art  section (painters, poets, writers)
  • rural tourism section (graded rural tourism households).

The Ethno Association “Zavicajis the organiser of the Zlakusa in Songs and Dances festival, the Easter concert, the Serbian Spinning-Bee and an International eco-camp as well as a co-organiser of the “Autumn in Zlakusa”event and various other cultural events in Zlakusa, Uzice and the Zlatibor District.

Video section

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