Ethno Association “Zavicaj” organized several events

Some of the many cultural events and manifestations are ” Zlakusa in song and dance”, “Sing full Yard”, International Eco Camp, “Autumn in Zlakusa”, and “We got talent, too”... More »

Ambassador Mary Warlick in Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”

Ethno Association “Zavicaj” has numerous projects with substantial support, including support from the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade More »

Ethno Homeland Association - Zlakusa

Association for the promotion of culture, tradition, customs, traditional crafts, tourism and sustainable rural development More »

How to find us - our city is Uzice

We are in the western part of Serbia - Zlatibor district, the City of Uzice, a tourist village ZLAKUSA in Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija” More »

Department of Folklore for youth

This sector includes youth and children\'s ensemble, children\'s orchestra, children\'s fife group, children\'s singing group and school folklore More »

Youth Folk Dance Ensemble

Youth Ensemble in its repertoire has dances and songs from the territory of Serbia and its Diaspora More »

Department of Folklore for adults

Within this sector, works folk group of veterans, female and male singing group who cherish genuine singing style, games and customs originate from Uzice region More »

Making of traditional costumes

Department for old crafts makes traditional costumes of Uzice region based on originals over 100 years old and costumes of other parts of Serbia More »

Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija” - Tourist Flower winner for 2008

Ethno Park “Terzica Avlija”, is office for Ethno Association “Zavicaj”, and it is the founder and driving force of rural tourism in Zlakusa More »

Rural tourism in Zlakusa

Sector for rural tourism includes categorized rural tourist households in Zlakusa and surrounding villages More »

Zlakusa pottery and pottery section

The aim of the section is to present the pottery craft to tourists, at trade shows, to support the associations of potters in the promotion of the industry and to bring him the younger members More »

International Eco camping

Our goal is to raise environmental awareness, an awakening of the spirit of youth and volunteer vision, with an aim: Zlakusa - first environmentally clean tourist village in Zlatibor district More »


Ethno Association “Zavicaj”

WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF THE ETHNO ASSOCIATION “ZAVICAJ”, from Zlakusea, a non-profit civil association founded with the aim of fostering the culture, traditions, customs, traditional crafts, music, folklore, transferring knowledge from these areas to the young generation, their stage presentation, rural development through sustenance of rural development, environmental protection. The association was established 2005. in EthnoPark “Terzica Avlija”.


Our site was created with support from the U.S. Embassy in Serbia, within the project “Involving youth and rural women in rural development processes and tourist product of Zlakusa village”.